GTA 3 most popular vehicle mods as of 2022

The GTA 5 modification market is so diverse that it’s easy to find a combination of realistic and fictitious vehicle tweaks. There’s something for everyone on this list, albeit the level of realism and ridiculousness will vary.

All of the mods listed here should run on PC with the current version of GTA 5 (1.58). Somewhere at end of every entry, there will also be connections to each vehicle modification, with instructions on how to set them up.

GTA 3 most popular vehicle mods as of 2022

Ski-doo 800R

The absence of vehicles fit for the weather in GTA 5 is due to the lack of snow in the game. Several players, on the other hand, will download mods that add snow to the game. In that situation, they’ll most likely prefer a ride that’s more realistic in that context than the default game’s offerings.

The Ski-doo 800R is the ideal solution to that problem. There are no options in the standard game that appear like it, thus having snow in your game gives an additional element of authenticity.

Nissan GTR R35

There are indeed a lot of Nissan GT-R mods around nowadays, however, this is among the most prominent releases that are functional with GTA 5. It is, appropriately, depending on the actual model, which is wonderful for GTA 5 enthusiasts who want to play with the car.

The modder of “Nissan GTR R35” keeps it updated on a semi-regular basis, which is a plus. Any bugs discovered in the latest iteration are likely to be fixed in the future.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the most recent game in which players can take control of the charming pink character. There is indeed a powerup in the game where Kirby has a car in his teeth, which has nothing to do with both the Grand Theft Auto series. It looks absolutely ridiculous, so it’s not surprising that someone would alter it in GTA 5.

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