Genshin Impact The Liyue Diaries Volume 2: The Chasm 2022

Genshin Impact The Chasm 2022
Genshin Impact The Chasm 2022

Genshin Impact The Chasm 2022: Genshin Impact has launched the final book of The Liyue Diaries, which focuses on The Underground Mine in The Chasm, as predicted. In comparison to the level, the underneath portion of this new location has a different technique.

The underwater mines may only be explored by finishing the World Quest ‘Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering.’ Players must keep in mind that the surface underneath Liyue is dimly lit and has a complicated architecture. Gamers, on the other hand, can use the additional Adjust Brightness tool in Settings.

Genshin Impact The Chasm 2022


The Lumenstone Adjuvant is a brand new idea offered to travelers in Genshin Impact to let them discover The Underground Mines. This device could be improved by gathering Lumenspars and Lumenstone Ore. These materials can be used on Jinwu’s workbench to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant and obtain material rewards.

If the Lumentstone Adjuvant is equipped and retains energy, it will offer illumination while exploring the deep mines. Furthermore, after the device has achieved a specific level of performance, the maximum amount of energy, brightness, and range will be raised.

It will have the same functions as that of the Bokuso Box for the Three Realms Gateway Offering event, thus gamers ought to be familiar with that as well. Gamers can recharge the Lumenstone Adjuvant’s energy by employing special equipment and critters like Lumenlamps and Lucklight Flies to light up the outer area of The Underground Mines. There’s also a new Seelie variety that restores a gadget’s energy over time.

Blooming Light

Gamers could use Lumenstone Adjuvant to eliminate Oozing Concretions as well as the dark muck around in The Underground Mines after it reaches a particular level. Users must keep in mind, though, that they can only employ this ability on their own planet. Only after Lumenstone Adjuvant has reached that level, the area of Blooming Light will also grow.

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