Free Fire X BTS Event Prizes: How to get Free Emotes in Top-up event?

BTS-themed events are now live on Free Fire, and players can claim a variety of amazing gifts as part of the Bangtan Boys’ celebration. Each award has a set of requirements that players must meet in order to receive it.

Top Up events in the battle royale mode are among the most long-running recurrent events that prize mobile gamers for purchasing diamonds. Diamonds are Free Fire’s ultimate in-game currency, and they must be purchased with real money.

Free Fire X BTS Event Prizes

The BTS Top Up Event 2 is the second BTS-themed Top Up event to be released. The very first Top Up event began on March 26th, 2022, and finished on April 1st, 2022. The second version of the BTS Top Up has been released shortly after.

When the Top Up event originally started, players could get the ‘Motor Bike – Soldier Nightmare’ car skin and the ‘Winner Throw’ emote for 100 and 300 diamonds, correspondingly. The following prizes are available in BTS Top Up II:

Loot Box of True Charm
Deceptive Gloo Wall Fearless

Gamers need to buy 100 diamonds to get the loot box and 500 diamonds to get the free gloo wall skin. The BTS Top Up II event will end tonight, April 7th, 2022. As a result, today is the final day to collect the two fantastic rewards.

How to get Free Emotes in a Top-up event?

Step 1: Gamers must launch Free Fire and go to the game’s Events page.

Step 2: Users should go to the BTS Top Up II section under the Gen FF page.

Step 3: After selecting one of the choices (100 or 500 diamonds), players will be taken to a website that displays a list of diamonds and their costs.

Step 4: To acquire both the loot box and the gloo wall skin, users must select the 520 diamond choice and make the required payments.

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