Free Fire WATCH TO WIN event Booyah!: Get guaranteed emotes, bundle, gun skins crates, etc


Free Fire WATCH TO WIN event Booyah! – Get guaranteed emotes, bundles, gun skins crates, etc: Our gaming organizers have announced another Booyah Watch to Win Event again for gamers as we approach the beginning of June month.  Members will be able to obtain special incentives simply by viewing videos.  Many Free Fire users would be acquainted with Booyah, a Garena-created program that allows them to locate gameplay material including visual media, live broadcasts, accolades, and therefore more.

Companies often hold a slew of one-of-a-kind events that supply users with a variety of freebies. Essentially, the watch Win event includes prizes such as the Ruby Bride Gun, Platinum Boots, and several others. So, go through the new Temporary Fire FireWatch to Win Event Booyah in further depth.

What is Booyah App and how to download it for Android or iOS devices?

To download the BOOYAH! app and participate in the current Free Fire Watch To Win event, follow the instructions:

  • Add the BOOYAH app, which is available for free to download from the Google Play Store.
  • Sign in with the app with your Instagram, Gmail, or VK account.
  • Inside the options, link the BOOYAH! log in to the Free Fire profile. It’s the most crucial stage.
  • Select any video from the network and play it for an hour. One may see a maximum of 60 minutes worth of footage.
  • Claim your prizes by going to the Task Center. In Free Fire, all prizes would be mailed to your very own mailbox.

Free Fire WATCH TO WIN event Booyah!: Get guaranteed emotes, bundle, gun skins crates, etc

The Free Fire  Booyah prizes frequently generate a positive mood among followers. This is why Garena administrators frequently publicize such events. Nevertheless, the new Booyah celebration has indeed begun and therefore will run through the next month.   Basically, players have to view the booyah films and obtain these incentives completely free. The themed gun skin crates, Silver shoes Google Play redeem codes, emote, as well as many other items, are offered as prizes. To get the prizes, people must view all of the other Booyah broadcasts from any streamer for at least 60 minutes.

Steps to follow to complete Free Fire WATCH TO WIN event Booyah


The first step is for users to install the Booyah app. People may then start it and log in to their respective Free Fire accounts.

Step-2: To fulfill the Watch to Win event’s criteria, customers must view any of the streaming videos for 60 min.

Step-3: After finishing that, gamers could go to the ‘Task Area.’ The prizes are then redeemable in the ‘Short Time Missions’ area. Players may obtain a randomized item based on their fortune.

If you already have yet finished the task, the Go icon would display above a certain event; however, whether you have finished the task, the Claiming option will appear in the very same location.

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