Free Fire Time-Limited Diamond Store: Get Free Homer Character, Gloo Wall Skin, and More Rewards!

Free Fire Time-Limited Diamond Store
Free Fire Time-Limited Diamond Store

Garena Free Fire is planning on a grand scale to celebrate their 5th successful anniversary event in style. Now the Free Fire Max is bringing a new Time-Limited Diamond Store event to the gamers.

With this Free Fire Max limited-time Diamond Store event taking place now, all players will be able to get other free rewards like Binary Call Gloo Wall, Agent Hop, Shattered Reality & Switching Steps Emotes, Hearthrob Male Bundle, Metalic Famas, Great Plunder Groza are all some of the free rewards during this limited time Diamond Store event or some diamonds need to be spent to get all these.

How to Get Time Limited Diamonds?

To get the temporary obtainable diamonds in this Time Limited Diamond Store event of Free Free Max, all players must play the “Time Limited Shop” and its 4 Wave Missions, already the first wave of the time-limited store is life, where you may get around 965 temporary and obtainable diamonds.

With the first wave event of the time-limited store going live, the other three wave events of the time-limited diamond store will be live in the coming days, a massive total of around 4350 Temporary Diamonds are available to be acquired.

Time-Limited Store: How to exchange the other Rewards and Skins?

With the earned temporary diamonds and normal diamonds of Free Fire Max, you may purchase the other Time Limited Diamond Store rewards like Skins, Emotes, Characters, and Gloo Wall as per your wish from the Time-Limited diamonds in Free Fire Max.

How to access and participate in the Time-Limited Diamond Store Event?

1. Launch Free Fire Max and select the Time-Limited Diamond Store icon to proceed further.

2. Purchase your favorite rewards- Gloo wall skin, character, etc

Now you are all set to play the Free Fire Max Time-Limited Diamond Store event as a part of the Garena FF 5th anniversary event and win some rewards too.

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