Free Fire Squad Beatz Top Up Rewards: Motor Bike And Aurora Gloo Wall

Free Fire Squad Beatz Top Up Rewards
Free Fire Squad Beatz Top Up Rewards

When players reach a specific level in Free Fire, top-up events incentivize them to buy in-game currency by rewarding them with a choice of merchandise. This is a common occurrence in the game, as new ones are published as soon as the old ones are finished. The Free Fire brand-new Squad Beatz Top up event is now live with exclusive rewards. Such events give players the best chance to earn unique and valuable rewards.

Players can now participate in a new top-up event, which was recently released by the developers. Following the success of the Demi Wings event, the creators have created a new event to keep the users entertained. To learn more about the new Squad Beatz Top-up Event, read on.

Free Fire Squad Beatz Top Up Rewards

Players can win two rewards by purchasing a total of 300 diamonds in the new Squad Beatz. This event began on February 3, 2022. Gamers have time till February 8, 2022, to complete the required task in order to obtain the goodies.  It consists of the following rewards:

Motor Bike – Purple Rev  for 100 diamonds top up
Gloo Wall – Aurora Core  for 300 diamonds top up

This top-up is less expensive than the previous one, as customers only need to purchase 300 diamonds costing INR 250 for the Gloo Wall and bike skin.
Gloo wall skins are difficult to come by, as they aren’t sold in the store. This adds to the appeal of the top-up event as a whole.

Steps to get the Squad Beatz top-up rewards

Step-1: To access the top-up portion of Free Fire, click on the calendar icon present on the right side of the game lobby.

Step-2: Next, tap the button beneath the desired top-up. It’s critical to keep in mind the prerequisites for the top-up event.

Step-3: After you’ve finished the payment and received your diamonds, go to the Squad Beatz tab in the events to get your stuff.


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