How To Get Free Fire Space Speakers Royale Bundles And Emotes?

Free Fire Space speakers Royale
Free Fire Space speakers Royale

Free Fire Space Speakers Royale: Free Fire keeps on adding new web events or Luck Royale events that feature exclusive rewards. Recently, a new Luck Royale event with the name Spacespeakers Royale has been introduced in the game. This event features exclusive outfits and the Free Fire players are eager to get details on it. So, this article will help you out by delivering the complete details about the latest Space speakers Royale in Free Fire.

The Free Fire Space Speakers Royale is based on the Spacespeaker’s quartet viz; Soobin, Binz, Rhymastic, and Touliver theme. Recently, Free Fire announced its collaboration with Spacespeakers. Also, along with this Luck Royale event, players can expect other events featuring other cosmetics in the game.

Free Fire Space speakers Royale 

Players can find this new Space Speakers Royale in the Luck Royale action in the game lobby. This event offers four exclusive bundle outfits and emotes as its grand prizes, along with other rewards. All Space Speaker’s Royale rewards are listed below:

Iced Glare Bundle 1x
Pink Wink Bundle 1x
Silent Scrutiny Bundle 1x
Hip hop Gaze Bundle  1x
Stagetime Emote 1x
Party Dance Emote 1x
Guitar Backpack 1x
Music Party Token 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x
Star General Loot Crate 1x
SCAR- Phantom Assassin weapon crate 1x

However, players require diamonds to spin in any of the Luck Royale to earn rewards. Also, in Luck Royale events, players need to have a good luck rate to get the grand prize in fewer spins. The probability to get the grand rewards increases on a higher luck rate. Players can see their luck rate below this event section and the luck rate increases after every spin.

Every single spin in the Space speakers Royale costs 40 diamonds, while the other option 10+1 spins cost 400 diamonds. After every spin, players can get one of the rewards listed above. If the player stands lucky, they may get any of the four bundles through direct spins. However, players have to collect the Music party token to redeem these grand prizes. Based on the luck players may get 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x tokens by spinning in the Free Fire Spacespeakers Royale. The token can be redeemed in the token redemption section in the Free Fire store.

Spacespeakers Royale Release Date

 The  Free Fire Space Speakers Royale has been launched on 14 Jan on the Indian server. This event will be available for a limited time only, it will end on 19 Jan. So, players need to spin within this time to earn their favorite bundles and emotes. Furthermore, this event will be available for the Indian server only, the event launch date and rewards may vary for other Free Fire servers.



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