How To Complete The Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt Giveaway Event?

Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt
Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt

Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt: Free Fire keeps on adding new events offering players various in-game items like bundle outfits, gun skins, pets, characters, etc. As we know, Free Fire recently announced its collaboration with Assassin’s Creed. So, back-to-back we are getting  Assassin’s Creed-themed rewards events. These collaboration events and respective rewards will be available for a limited time only.

Furthermore, Free Fire Us officially announced a giveaway, in which players stand a chance to get free rewards. However, players are not aware of this giveaway as it has been announced on their social media. This article will help you out will the complete details about Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt event.

Free Fire Solve The Scavenger Hunt 

Free Fire North America recently announced Solve The Scavenger Hunt giveaway, and 15 lucky winners stand a chance to get the Ezio Auditore bundle for free. Free Fire Nort America “The search for the truth continues, Survivor! Welcome to our Scavenger Hunt, where you’ll be tasked with searching Bermuda for a challenge that has been awaiting you for generations. Read each question attentively, research the answers in-game and on our social media, then deliberately submit your responses. If you correctly complete each leg of the adventure, you could be one of the lucky winners of the Ezio Auditore Outfit Bundle!”

Besides, players have to complete the tasks provided by them and fill out a google form to participate in this giveaway. Let’s discuss the missions players require to complete and the steps to participate in this giveaway.

Solve The Scavenger Hunt Tasks 

  1. Players have to find the newly added Towers in the game and make a perfect screenshot.
  2. Take a screenshot of the crypt key from their recent social posts.
  3.  Take a screenshot of a screenshot of Throwing Knife in your inventory.

Steps to Participate In This Giveaway

Step-1: Visit the Free Fire Us official Instagram page or click on the form link to submit the screenshot to participate.

Step-2: Submit the screenshots as required in the form. Do as directed in this form until the last step. (Enter correct UID)

Step-3: Submit the form and if you stand lucky you will get a reward directly in your mailbox in the game.

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