What Are The Exclusive Rewards Of Free Fire S46 Elite Pass?

Free Fire S46 Elite Pass
Free Fire S46 Elite Pass

Free Fire S46 Elite Pass: All Free Fire supporters want to get their hands on one-of-a-kind game passes. This is one of the ways that gamers can get exclusive rewards for playing better. On a monthly basis, Garena introduces new passes. Season 45 is set to end by this month, and Season 46 is about to begin, along with the fresh rewards and cosmetics, which will be released soon.
All of the players are in a race to get the perks as quickly as feasible. Many players have already expressed interest in Season 46 Elite Pass, which will begin in March. Several leaks have already surfaced regarding the awards, theme, and other specifics.

When Can You Get The Free Fire S46 Elite Pass?

Season 46 will be released on March 1st, and everyone is excited to see what new incentives will be added with the new season’s release. The new season will be available on March 1st, which is also the time when the new event will be available. Prior to the release of the official Elite pass, which will offer separate benefits, a pre-order pass will be available for 999 diamonds.

What Are The Rewards Of the Free Fire S46 Elite Pass?

As previously said, Elite Pass is quite expensive and comes in two varieties- Elite Pass and Elite Bundles. The first is a standard Elite Pass that costs 499 gems. The latter is Elite Bundles, players must spend 999 Diamonds for this version. The following are the rewards of Season 46 Elite Pass with the required number of badges to unlock them.

Motor Bike – Copper Light 0
UMP – Copper Light 10
Gear Engineer Jacket- Male 15
Mechnicia Bronze Bundle  Skin 50
USP – Copper Light Skin 80
Mech Bunny Skyboard 100
Grenade – Gas Blast 125
Genius Skull Loot Box 145
Smart Bunny Backpack 190
Mechnician Brass Bundle 225


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