Which Are The Top 5 OP Free Fire Characters In 2022?

Free Fire OP Characters 2022
Free Fire OP Characters 2022

Free Fire OP Characters 2022: Characters are important in Free Fire gameplay because their distinct abilities have a big impact on the experience. These are either active or passive, with the first necessarily requiring activation in the majority of cases.

The game has around 40 settings, which the devs are constantly balancing or reworking with each release. Although this significant number, others with active skills have a much larger effect on the game’s final outcome than with passive skills.

Top 5 OP Free Fire Characters In 2022

  • Alok

Till the skill is activated, Alok creates a 5m wide aura that increases mobility by 10% and refills 5 HP every second. It lasts five seconds and takes 45 seconds to reset again. It’s a good choice for both casual and serious Free Fire gamers due to its healing and moving speed.

  • Dimitri

Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat works similarly to Alok’s in that it produces a 3.5m curing area. Each second, individuals will gain 3HP, and those that are knocked out during this zone will have the ability to freely self-revive. The area is only active for 10 seconds, although, it has an 85-second cooldown.

It can be thought of as a slightly weaker version of Alok, but with the added benefit of zone resurrection. In addition, the zone is immovable.

  • Skyler

Riptide Rhythm sends out a sonic wave in a specific direction that destroys 5 Gloo Walls in a row, with a 60 seconds cooldown. The construction of the Gloo Wall will result in a 4 point gain in HP recovery.

Skyler is one of the greatest characters for rushers in Free Fire, as he can quickly shatter enemies’ cover and knock them out. It is Free Fire one of the OP characters in 2022.

  • Steffie

The Throwables are neutralized by a 4m wide area created by Painted Refuge. Aside from that, teammates in the region will restore 10% armor durability each second and reduce bullet damage by 10% for 10 seconds. The zone lasts 10 seconds, with a 115-second cooldown. It is Free Fire one of the OP character in 2022 after the OB update.

Steffie is now a fantastic alternative for gamers to have in their lineup. After the new Free Fire update, it may be a useful alternative for users in Clash Squad and normal Battle Royale matches.

  • A124

A124 sends out an 8-meter electromagnetic wave that prevents foes from activating their skills and interrupts their engagement cooldown. This impact will last 20 seconds and would have a cooldown of 100 seconds. A124 may now easily shut down competitors in close proximity after the latest change, wreaking havoc among the gamers. it has become Free Fire OP characters after the OB update.

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