Second Chrono Free Fire OB33 Advanced Server New Character?

OB33 Advanced Server New Character (Second Chrono)
OB33 Advanced Server New Character (Second Chrono)

OB33 Advanced Server New Character (Second Chrono): Garena Free Fire offers a slew of new features that you should check out right now. Even the presence of a Mystery Character Who Can Create a Free Fire Shield is interesting. Many people believe this is the Second Chrono in the Free Fire game in terms of shield formation, so you must first understand it.

The Free Fire game’s constant updates sound extremely intriguing, and you should try it right now. We will undoubtedly have loads of fascinating rewards that you must try well as a great event with some of these new rewards. This post will help you out with this.

OB33 Advanced Server New Character 

It does sound exciting for you to attempt, especially with the arrival of a new OB33 March 2022 Free Fire Advanced Server Launch. Players having access to the  OB33 Advanced server can experience the new in-game features and added items exclusively. Indeed the looks of a New Character Can Generate a shield appear to be rather appealing. You should also be aware that this Mystery Character may be the strongest Meta that gamers will attempt next.

It is an intriguing character because it shares many of the same traits as Chrono. Chrono, on the other hand, is significantly better, despite the fact that it has been severely nerfed.

Advanced Server New Character Ability Of Second Chrono

This Mystery Character’s skill now allows him to generate a Shield that only covers one side. Unlike Chrono, who can rotate the Shield 360 degrees, we can sometimes be protected from hostile strikes from both sides.

The skill of the Mystery Character offers the Player a Shield shape that shields them just from the Front. However, if you shoot from the front, this Shield aids with a Damage Reduction effect, reducing the amount of damage the opponent deals.

In contrast to Chrono, who truly protects, this Shield feature simply reduces damage from the attacker in front of you. The effect will then only persist for a short time, similar to the duration of the DJ Alok character’s Ability.

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