Free Fire March Advance Server New Updates: New Character, Gun, Pet And More

Free Fire March Advance Server New Updates
Free Fire March Advance Server New Updates

Free Fire March Advance Server New Updates: The OB33 update’s Free Fire Advance Server was deployed a few days back and is still functional. This has given players a taste of some of the modifications that the developers plan to make in the upcoming edition of the game, such as a mystery character, a pet, and more.

Players can get it by downloading the APK file from the server’s page. They will, though, need an Access Code(Activation Code). However, gamers having access to this advanced server had revealed the new upcoming features which will be available in the new update. This post will go through the new features.

Free Fire Advance Server March Important Updates

New Link Option 

Several users in the Free Fire community have taken notice of the Link option. Users will be able to receive permanent characters for free of diamonds. To do so, players must finish the game’s progression for the character they intend to obtain. Every hour, players will be able to link and unlink a character.

Mystery character

The majority of Free Fire Advance servers have Mystery characters, which allow players to test out a prospective character’s powers. The one on the OB33 server has a unique ability called Swordsman’s Wrath. The ability will build a shield that will protect you from frontal harm once it is engaged. It will, though, restart when they fire a shot, so it’s best to use it sparingly.

New weapons G36 And F2000

In advance server training mode, two new guns have been added to the game. The G36 has two shooting options, which makes it highly versatile. New gun  F2000, on either hand, is well-balanced and powerful.

New pet

Because of their skills, pets are an important part of Garena Free Fire, and the developers are constantly adding new ones. Zasil, a new pet with the Additional skill, has been discovered on the OB33 Advanced Server. This pet will most probably provide healing items to the players when taken into use.


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