Free Fire OB32 Update: Maintenance Notice Illuminate

Free Fire OB32 Update
Free Fire OB32 Update

Free Fire OB32 Update: Garena Free Fire is consistent with their OB update, which brings in new features in the game. The server maintenance notice has already been announced officially by Free Fire itself. The server will go live by 7.30 AM EST for the North America server.

The patch notes for the OB32 update have been released, which provides the complete overview of the upcoming update. The update will feature new guns, some map location adjustments, adjustments in gun properties, and more. This article will help you out with the upcoming OB32 features.

Free Fire OB32 Update: Illuminate 

This update will feature a new creative Parkour mode in the crafting workshop. Besides, along with this new items will be added to the crafting workshop for better experience.The  M1014 and SPAS12 gun reloads animation will be optimized. Moreover, face expressions and some emote animations are also optimized. Some character abilities will show some change.

Skyler: Players can now hold the skill activation button to hold the aim.

Olivia: Olivia ability is buffed, and now extra HP is increased to revived teammates. The revived teammate will raise with 70 HP at max level.

Xtreme:  The skill duration has been increased and cooldown time is also reduced. The damage to gloo walls is increased up to 100% at max level.

Maxim: Although, the overused Maxim character ability has been nerfed, and the 30% faster medkits consuming ability is nerfed to 25% at max level.

Besides, the new map Alpine will be added to the Clash Squad mode. Also, the Dam and the Hangar areas are added to the Clash Squad Bermuda mode. Some locations in Bermuda map are also optimized. Furthermore, some new weapons like Groza-x, M249-X, SVD-y, and the Charge buster has been added to the battlefield. Many existing guns are optimized by some slight changes in their range, armor penetration, etc.



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