Free Fire North America February Week Highlights!

Free Fire February Week Highlights North America
Free Fire February Week Highlights North America

February Week Highlights North America: When it comes to new events, Free Fire never lets the hopes down. Free Fire comes up with new events every single day. Each event offers different rewards featuring in-game bundle outfits, emotes, skins, and much more. Although the events are introduced in either Luck Royale or web events, both have a different pattern of completion.

Free Fire North America officially posted the announcement regarding the upcoming 23 Feb to 27 February week highlights. They also revealed the rewards that will be featured in this upcoming week. So, in this article, you’ll get complete details regarding the February week’s highlights of Free Fire NA region.

Free Fire North America February Week Highlights:

One of the most intriguing Grand Prizes offered is the Phoenix Knight Bundle. The golden Phoenix insignia on the back of its fur collar jacket has piqued the imagination of players. Furthermore, the white and black color combination adds to its charm. The Phoenix Knight bundle will be the grand prize of the 23 Feb event.

The Valentine’s week events have ended, however, the North America region didn’t show up the Heartbroken emote. This emote was added during Valentine’s week event in most of the Free Fire servers including Brazil, India, etc. The 24 Feb event will feature a heartbroken emote.

The 25 Feb event will feature two distinct gun skins with special attributes in them. It will feature an SVD gun skin and a MAC10 gun skin. Both the skins will be based on treasures of the galaxy theme. However, both the skins will have different looks and color combinations.

The Sunday event i.e. 27 Feb event features Hip Hop fashion bundle. This bundle includes cool goggles, a white jacket, and red-white combination shoes. This event also features a pan skin as its second grand prize.


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