Free Fire new Gun Skin system: How to get free permanent skin in 2022?

Free Fire  Gun Skin system offers free permanent skins
Free Fire Gun Skin system

The new update has now rolled out in Free Fire, and it has brought a lot of exciting features including the new Gun Skin system offering free permanent skins. Gun skins in Free Fire give players an advantage to the players since almost all of them possess special attributes.

The attributes make guns more powerful, and even some are overpowered. So, players look forward to obtaining gun skin they preferably equip on the battlefield. This gun skin system guide will surely help you in obtaining free permanent skins in Free Fire.

Free Fire new Gun Skin system offers free permanent skins: How does the Free Fire Gun Skin system work?

There are majorly two kinds of gun skins in Free Fire- Permanent and temporary (trial). The permanent gun skins as the name suggests can be equipped until the account exists, while the temporary skins are only available for a limited time of 24 hours, 3 days, seven days, and so on. Hence, players want to obtain a permanent gun skin, so that they can equip them when required.

The price of the permanent gun skins, however, ranges from 2 to 3K diamonds. Because of this, not all players can acquire them, giving permanent skin owners an advantage. But, Garena has found a solution to these problems by introducing a new Gun skin system in Free Fire.

The Gun skin system in Free Fire is solely based on accumulating progress. This basically means players have to collect temporary gun skins. Depending on the time limit of the skin, you can see the progress to claim the permanent gun skin.

For example, if you get a 3-day M1014 Winterland skin, then the M1014 Winterland gun skin system will progress with 3 points. Once the Gun skin progress reaches  100% you will be able to claim the permanent skin.

How to get the free permanent gun skin in Free Fire using the new system?

Free Fire frequently adds new events or mini-games, and by accomplishing the missions players can earn temporary or trial skins. As of now, a free gun skin event is currently going on in the game offering 20 Days Groza skin. On claiming 5 X 20 days skin, now with the gun skin system, you can get a permanent one.

Moreover, players can also spin in Luck Royale to get trial or temporary skins, and on reaching 100% progress players are able to earn a permanent skin. The progress of every gun skin is visible in the Weapon section of Free Fire.

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