Free Fire New BTS Free Legendary Blush Flush backpack For Limited Time

Many players have found that events are a great way to get free things in Free Fire. These usually comprise specific objectives that result in users earning a variety of incentives, such as skins and other cosmetics.

“Weekend Playtime” is the newest BTS partnership event that rewards players with a Legendary backpack skin and weapon royale coupons. Participants must perform the assigned missions within the timeframe allotted to them.

Free Fire New BTS Free Legendary Blush Flush backpack

The Weekend Playtime event began on April 9th in Free Fire and will last only this weekend, as the name suggests. To be eligible for the prize, gamers must play a certain number of matches within this time period.

The following are the specific details of the number of games and rewards:

  • Play 5 games – 1x Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Play 10 matches – Blush Flush Backpack

In battle royale mode, gamers can arrive on hot drops such as Peak, Factory, and others, where they will face many opponents. To complete the tasks fast, they should try to obtain a kill or two before being eliminated.

Players can participate in more clash squad and lone wolf battles if they don’t want to hurt their stats, as these games tend to end faster than the usual battle royale game.

Steps to get Free Legendary Blush Flush backpack

Users can follow the steps listed below once they have successfully completed the number of matches in Free Fire to get a specific reward:

Step 1: Gamers can access the game’s events by selecting the calendar selection.

Step 2: After that, they should select the Weekend Playtime prize from the Gen FF menu.

Step 3: Finally, players can acquire an item by clicking the claim button next to it.

As a result, gamers must not miss out on an exclusive BTS-themed collaboration backpack, which is unlikely to return in Free Fire.

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