Free Fire new September update Patch notes: OB36 Release date, new character, changes, and more details

Free Fire new OB36 update patch notes for September 2022
Free Fire new September update patch notes for September 2022

Free Fire adds new features and improvements to existing weapons, characters, and other components with every OB update. The new patch i.e. the Free Fire September 2022 update is just a couple of days away which will bring new character, weapon, and more. This post will cover everything you need to know about the Free Fire September patch.

Free Fire new OB36 update patch notes for September 2022

Future OB36 Updates in Free Fire continue to be quite desirable. Gamers are eager to obtain the things that will be added to the game as the update, which will be available in a few days, draws closer. Prior to every update the a few players get early access to the upcoming features via the Advance server. And hence we are now aware most of the major updates and the early patch notes are as follows.

New addition to Clash Squad map choices

Recently, Free Fire added a new update map named Nexterra, and its futuristic texture and some amazing concepts like Anti-Gravity zone is been admired by the players. Garena follows the same schedule of introducing new maps i.e first a new map is introduced to classic mode and later made available to other mode. Hence, the Free Fire new update will see the Nexterra map to the Clash Squad mode.

Free Fire new update character Tatsuya

The OB36 advanced server and several online leaks had confirmed the new Free Fire character. It will be added to the game in a Top-up event.

Ability of Free Fire new OB36 character

Tatsuya is an active skilled character who is able to sprint quickly straight for 0.5 seconds. The ability can be increased via continuous use for maximum up to 2 times. Additionally, the ability will require an extra 5 seconds to cool down after usage if it is used repeatedly. At max level, the cooldown time for his ability decreases from 40 to 30 seconds.

New guns and gun skin system

The Treatment Laser Gun and Gloo Melter Grenade are two new confirmed weaponry coming with the September 2022 update.  This will also provide a revolutionary system for gun skins that enables users to get permanent gun skins. Although, players should not expect the inclusion of legendary skins like POKER MP40 or Evo skins. It may include some of the themed gun skins.

Free Fire new update 2022 release date and download size

Free Fire has officially announced that the new OB36 update will go live on 21 September. Considering the recent patch update, the new update will require a 400 to 500 MP of data. However, it also varies depending on the device.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the honor score will now have quick responses, and the Craftland room cards will be free.

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