Free Fire Mystery Madness event: How to play and get free bundles in FF?


Free Fire Mystery Madness event: A new fantastic event is going on in the game with lots of desirable prizes and highly unique material. Along with the continuing rampage event, the creators have also launched a brand-new event called Mystery Madness, where players must accomplish a number of quests in order to receive a variety of premium gifts. With the quick addition of events to the game, players are ecstatic and satisfied. The developers typically construct a really old-fashioned style for the newly introduced event in an effort to make it more intriguing.

Bundles are still among the most sought-after accessories in Free Fire MAX, despite the fact that their costs are frequently on the higher end of the spectrum. In essence, it is a group of distinct goods that gamers can wear. Given the lack of diamonds, players frequently have to turn to events as a substitute to fulfill their demand for cosmetics. The game’s creators often introduce new events and provide a variety of rewards to keep players engaged. This post will help you with sufficient information on the Mystery Madness event.

Free Fire Mystery Madness event: Play and get free bundle outfits

This event has generated a highly important and intricate concept. In order to play and properly complete the process and receive the prizes, players must not only accomplish the objective but also participate a little more in the event. Players may win up to fantastic prizes when the event is over, including legendary bundles, Supercar skins, rabbit sidekick skins, Katana skins, and more.  The Mystery Madness event took place in free Fire on 30 July, and players will be able to earn free bundles until 13 July. The regular prizes often include ordinary goodies including a vehicle skin, Katan skin, bag, treasure crate, and also more. The grand prize contains multiple old and one of the demanded bundles.

Free Fire Mystery Madness event: How to play and get free bundles in FF?

To get the secret mission data, players must first capture an enemy jet by clicking the “Capture Now” option. Every strategy has a special in-game objective and rewards. To obtain the Key tickets and use them to redeem for prizes, finish the tasks. Players will then need to finish the assigned objectives in order to get unique Key tickets. Every day at 4 AM IST, these tasks renew. To get the free bundles, these Key-tickets are required.

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