Free Fire Moco Store: How to Get the Demilord Bundle?
Free Fire Moco Store: How to Get the Demilord Bundle?

Free Fire Moco Store: As we know, the Free Fire OB32 update is already live in the game. Along with the updates, many events are live in the game. First, is the Demi Top Up event and next is Moco Store. Both events are a great way to invest your money in Free Fire and obtain exclusive items.

Collecting special and exclusive items is a different type of game and quite interesting. Moreover, Garena Free Fire is different from other games or battle royal. In Free, Fire players can increase the stats of their cosmetics. For example Gun Skins, Characters, and Bundles.

In Demilord Bundle is a fierce theme cosmetic. Along with the Bundle, there is another item waiting for you which is a Backpack skin with the same theme. If you want to get your hands on Demilord Bundle and other exclusive items in Free Fire then keep reading the blog.

Free Fire Moco Store: Get Demilord Bundle!

The event will start on 23rd January 2022 and as you can see it’s already live in the game. And it will end on 29th January 2022. Moreover, the event is part of Lucky spin or an alternative to the Faded Wheel event in Free Fire.

The grand prizes of the Maco Store event are the Fierce Demilord Bundle, Legionaries Bundle, and Valkyrie. Along with these events you get three Gloo Wall Skin with stats boost. The Gloo Walls are Happy Shiba, Hayato the Guardian, and Phantom Predator as the Grand Prizes in the spin wheel.

To participate in the game event you need to have diamonds in your account. If you do not know then the Diamonds are in-game currency of the Free Fire Game. However, the price of each spin is quite low – 9 diamonds per spin. After that, the cost will increase after each spin.

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