How To Get Diamonds In Membership For Cheaper Rates In Free Fire?

Free Fire membership
Free Fire membership

To obtain the accessories supplied by the battle royale game, Free Fire players must have a sufficient number of diamonds. Many players are unable to do so due to the high cost of diamonds, which must be replenished with actual money. Players can purchase Free Fire diamonds using Free Fire membership.

The developers have implemented a membership structure to make gems more available to the Free Fire audience. This is one of the methods by which consumers can obtain diamonds at a low cost.

Like the other Battle Royale games, there are primarily two sorts of memberships: weekly and monthly, which provide players with low-cost diamonds and free bonus stuff. However, monthly membership is very effective one.

Monthly membership 

A 799 monthly membership is available. Gamers may acquire 2600 diamonds and stuff worth 3550 diamonds by spending this much money. From a total of 2600 diamonds, they can claim 500 jewels straight away and 70 diamonds every day for the rest of the month.

The monthly subscription comes with the following benefits:

  • Monthly Member Icon batch
  • 5 Second Chances (The daily check-in rewards)
  • Discount store special¬†
  • 60 Universal EP Badges
  • Weapon skin crate box

Weekly membership in Free Fire

Players must spend INR 159 to sign up for a weekly membership in Free Fire. They will receive 450 gems as well as the following benefits like membership icon, universal tokens, etc

Steps To Purchase Monthly/ weekly Membership:

Step-1: Players must start the battle royale game and select Membership from the menu in the game lobby.

Step-2: Gamers must select the monthly or weekly subscription option from the two options shown.

Step-3: They must then pay a monthly subscription fee of 799/169 for monthly and weekly membership respectively.

Due to the high expense of topping up diamonds, Garena has developed a new membership option that gamers can take advantage of. If the strategy does not appeal to them, they can purchase diamonds in-game or through third-party websites.

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