Who Is The Free Fire Max Highest Level Player: Id, Details, And More In The World As Of 2022

free fire highest level player
free fire highest level player

Free Fire Max Highest Level Player ID 2022: One of the really popular games in the mobile battle royale category is Garena Free Fire. The game also has a large base of users and a thriving community of influencers, ranging from 1M to 30M followers. In this post, we’ll go over the Free Fire Max players with the highest level in the world as of 2022.

Free Fire provides an extremely deep gameplay experience as well as a fiercely competitive community. It’s not easy to win and level up when you don’t have any skill in the game.

However, there are still a few noobs in the game who don’t care about their stats, K/D ratio, or anything else; all they care about is leveling up by playing matches.

Free Fire Max Highest Level Player ID 2022

Players at the top tiers in Free Fire World Managing the community in massive games like Free Fire is difficult, but persuading people to contribute is another story. Garena strives to take things a step further by introducing specialized events with distinct regional features.

In addition to the material, updating and introducing new characters on a regular basis is a great approach to keep the audience’s attention.

However, don’t neglect important tasks such as obtaining the greatest level of Free Fire. Today, we usually give you a list of Free Fire’s highest-level gamers. The highest level ID is as follows.


With the 100 level, this Free Fire takes the lead in the global race for the highest level player in Free Fire. His UID is 121833076, and he has a low K/D ratio despite playing a lot of games. To increase the level, they just play the game to level up and push their levels by camping throughout the map shrink. He is on the top of   Free Fire players with the highest level.


BH@WAMF was a female character, and everyone was making speculations that she will be the first Free Fire player to reach 100 level. However, her Id was banned recently at 97 levels. Her competitor @INAFFABETUS got a golden chance to get to the top. The id of WAMF  was 170391847. Now she has created a new id as the older one is banned.


He is an Indian player with a 100 level. He owns a guild in Free Fire called KillandBooyah*. He was not much popular before and not recognized due to his level of pushing skill. However, recently he beat the rarest and Free Fire highest level player of India Daddycalling and he came into popularity. His id is 646279026. He had stopped leveling up since the last level in Free Fire is 100. 

So, this is the list of the top 3 highest-level players. Since the max level in Free Fire is 100 we won’t get to see any 101 level ID.

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