Free Fire Max Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway: How to participate and win backpack for free?

Free Fire Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway
Free Fire Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway

Free Fire Max has recently announced a Digi Smiley Backpack giveaway. Garena keeps on offering freebies for the gamers to keep on interacting with them. Back in 2021, Garena had already provided a giveaway for gamers. Day 2 of the Booyah Day Giveaway Event was made public. The gamers had the opportunity to receive the Mask Warlord Bundle for free thanks to that giveaway.

Free Fire Max Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway

The Free Fire Max new giveaway offers a Digi Smiley backpack to certain lucky players. Although the winners will be selected randomly, players have to follow the steps guided by them. 50 lucky winners will be selected by the end of the giveaway.

The Digi Smiley backpack has been offered in some of the Free Fire servers, notably in Indonesia. It has been recently introduced in a top-up event. Free Fire Indonesia official announced,”The Digi Smiley Backpack is here today, let’s collect the special Battle In Style backpack! You can get the Digi Smiley Backpack just by topping up 140 Diamonds from July 23 to July 29! Don’t miss it, just have this Digi Smiley backpack yours!”

How to participate and win the Free Fire Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway?

Free Fire India official has announced the giveaway saying,”Psst…Here is your chance to win a free
Digi Smiley Backpack! Here’s what you need to do:
1. Spot all the words which are in old font
2. Comment all the words
That’s it! Easy peasy? Get..Set…Go Win! 50 Winners to be chosen!”

Step-1: From the image of the giveaway announcement post, you have to find the OLD FONT.

Step-2: After identifying, comment down your answers in the comment section of the same post. Also, keep in mind to add your UID with the comment, so the team can directly add the prize to your Free Fire account directly.

Some of the correct answers for the Free Fire Digi Smiley Backpack Giveaway are 1.BR-RANKED Season 28 2. LAB 3. VAULT.

Once the winners are selected the prize will be available to claim from the in-game mailbox.

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