Which Shotgun Is Best In Free Fire: M1887 vs MAG?

Free Fire Best Shotgun M1887 Versus MAG
Free Fire Best Shotgun M1887 Versus MAG

Free Fire Best Shotgun M1887 Versus MAG: With its ever-expanding arsenal of weapons, characters, and areas, Free Fire offers players a diverse sort of battle royale action. Players gradually establish their specialty and uncover weapons and characters that complement their playstyle.

Shotguns are one of the most underappreciated classes of weaponry in Free Fire, despite the fact that they are accessible in the game’s armory. Many individuals, however, avoid using them in games because they are not adaptable and are only good in close-range fighting. This article will compare M1887 with MAG and help you with the best shotgun choice.

Free Fire Best Shotgun M1887 Versus MAG


The M1887 shotgun is one of the deadliest in Free Fire Max. A year before, players were in awe of this weapon before its powers were lowered. After that, it’s impossible to kill an adversary with a single shot.

It used to deal a lot of damage to the opponent, but Garena lowered the damage and other attributes to keep the game balanced. Nonetheless, it remains popular in the area. In Free Fire, the M1887 can be regarded as an all-rounder shotgun as it excels in practically every circumstance of a close-range fight.

The three key qualities that set it apart from others are its damage of 100, range of 19, and armor penetration of 28. It can occasionally cause problems for the gamer in a battle situation because it begins reloading after every two shots.


The MAG-7’s brilliance lies in its ability to engage in mid-range combat with a rapid rate of fire. This is the primary reason why players are becoming interested in it these days. It is now one of the most often utilized shotguns in Free Fire Tournaments.

Its accuracy of 17, which is the highest of all the Free Fire Max shotguns, allows for improved mid-range damage management. A magazine with eight rounds might assist players to gain confidence in high-stakes critical situations.¬† As a result, the MAG-7’s accuracy, damage, and rate of fire are the primary characteristics that distinguish it as a formidable shotgun. The best aspect of this weapon is its 53% fire rate.


If we compare the damage per shot, M1887 is a clear winner. However, M1887 can only fire 2 shots continuously, while the MAG can load 8 shots simultaneously. Both the guns have a good range limit, differing in their fire rate.

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