Free Fire KPOP Partnership 2022- Expected Rewards And More

Free Fire kpop Partnership 2022
Free Fire KPOP Partnership 2022

Free Fire kpop Partnership 2022: Free Fire has been well for cooperating with music world personalities. Various characters from the battle royale game, such as Alok, Captain Booyah, Dimitri, and others, have been influenced by such partnership. BTS, the Korean pop sensation, is the subject of the most recent global partnership (Bangtan Boys). While nothing is known about it, K-pop fans are eagerly anticipating it.

Free Fire KPOP Partnership 2022

The developers, Garena, surprised everybody when they hinted at a potential collaboration with the K-Pop artists. On February 26, the game’s official accounts posted a teaser displaying the dark forms of the band’s seven members. Despite the fact that they were merely shadows, eagle-eyed fans were able to identify the boy band.

BTS is a worldwide sensation who has captivated the hearts and minds of teenagers and young adults with songs like Dynamite, Butter, Boy With Luv, and others. There are seven members in the pop group:

  • Park Ji-min (Lead Vocals)
  • Jungkook (Main Vocals)
  • Kim Seok-jin (Vocals)
  • V (Vocals)
  • RM (Rapping)
  • J-Hope (Rapping)
  • Suga (Rapping)

Garena published another article on the BTS partnership on March 1, announcing that special events will take place near the end of the month. The exact dates of the activities, as well as the event schedule, are still unknown. Based on previous well-known collaborations, users can expect a two-week-long sequence of activities. Characters based on BTS members are also expected, as well as a new Free Fire song, although neither has been publicly announced.

Although, because the collaboration activities are set to take place at the end of March 2022, gamers can expect the event calendar to be posted this week. They can also expect the OB33 update for the Battle Royale game to be published at the same period.

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