The Free Fire King is the richest noob player in India in 2022

Free Fire King

Do you want to know who is Free Fire king in India? Or are you looking for the richest noob player ID? So, this post will provide you with the latest information on it.

A most distributed videogame in the world, Garena Free Fire, was created by Singapore-based Sea Ltd. The majority of gamers in this game today are from India. However, as a result of frequent upgrades, fresh functionality, and domestic and international events with fascinating prizes. There are many different cosmetic items and weapons available in Free Fire. The aesthetics and coolness of the guns are enhanced by these customizations. Players were obsessed with owning the greatest skins in the game as a result.

The game has attracted a lot of talented players from all around the world and has gained tremendous popularity. Gamers are also interested in learning who is Free Fire king in India.

Free Fire King in India in 2022

We cannot directly conclude any one king, since there are a lot of aspects to consider. However, we answer most of your questions, answered below.

Who is the diamond king in free fire in 2022?

Free Fire Diamond king, Lokesh Gamer has more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube, publishes rich lifestyle or new events of the game on his channel, and is the player who utilizes and top-ups the most diamonds in the game. Lokesh Gamer is known as the Diamond King of Free Fire since he has practically all of the clothing and weapon skins available in the game. The main reason he is the diamond king and popular is due to he buys badges to be on the list of regional or global top players.

Who is richest noob in India in 2022?

The Lokesh Gamer is also called the richest noob in India. He has a 15 million+ Youtube channel and his monthly earnings are in lakhs. He buys a lot of diamonds and completes most of the Free Fire events. However, in the 1V1 battle, he lost to Sultan, and hence this is the reason he is the Free Fire diamond king and the richest noob in India.

Who is Free Fire headshot king in India?

Raistar is known as the Free Fire headshot king in India. He has a huge 6 million+ Youtube channel and has a huge fan following in India as well as in the World. He has defeated most of the MENA server PC players and hence he is an inspiration to many players. You can find him streaming on Booyah.


Lokesh Gamer is the diamond king and richest noob in India, and Raistar is the headshot king.

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