Free Fire Honor score: How to increase your honor score above 90?

Free Fire Honor score
Free Fire Honor score (Best score 100)

Do you want to know how to increase your Honor score in Free Fire? or confused about what is Honor system? So this post will surely help you with it.

Free Fire keeps on adding new features in the game with every OB update. However, after the game ban in India, the update took a long time, since the app has been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. The only downloadable version of the game is Free Fire Max, and Garena is promoting the Max version by encouraging the players with exclusive rewards.

What is the honor system in FF?

TheOB34  patch took time but, we got to experience a tonne of new features including new guns, a few changes to character skills, new pets, and much more. In addition to these features, a new section has been added to the profile section of Free Fire. Players have a lot of queries regarding this feature. So, in this article, you will get everything there is to know about the Free Fire Honor score and how to increase the honor score in the game.

Free Fire Honor score: How to increase your honor score above 90?

The Honor system has been included in the game since the toxic behavior was increasing among the players. Considering the gamers below the age of 18 Free Fire developers have made some strict rules against abusive behavior or toxic players. Improper actions like AFK, force quit, verbal abuse, and toxic behavior will deduct the honor score of the player, which depends on the game mode. There will be no score deduction limit. However, if the player keeps on violating the rules multiple times in a day, the score reduction will increase every single time.

Will less honor score lead to a ban of FF ID or account?

The less honor score will not lead to a ban or termination of your account. Although it will affect your gameplay experience. Garena has made a set of rules for the players at different scores as follows:

  • If your violation rate is below 30%, no extra scores will be deducted
  • For Violation rates between 30-40%, there will be a 20% additional honor score deduction in Free Fire
  • For 50-70%, there will be a 60% additional score deduction
  • A violation score above 70% will result in an 80% additional score deduction

Honor score in Free Fire and how to increase your honor score above 90?

Honor score increases once there is no improper behavior with a maximum daily increase limit. Players who have made mistakes and performed any abusive or toxic behavior will get a mail in the game. You should not worry if the account will be terminated or banned due to a reduction in the score. Once you get the warning mail you should not make the mistake again and again.

What is the best honor score?

The best score is 100 points, and the different results in the fluctuations in the game. Every player gets a 100 score when they start the game after the update. If you haven’t behaved toxic and still you get the mail you can also appeal for it from the same mail. Players will a good score will be rewarded on a weekly basis.


Don’t engage in any toxic behavior, and do not exit ranked modes in between the on going matches multiple times. Your Honor score will automatically rise and get you 100 points again.

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