Free Fire New Holi Event Calendar Prize 2022

Free Fire New Holi Event Calendar Prize: Garena has long hosted events centered on the auspicious festival of Holi. In the next two weeks, Free Fire MAX gamers will have access to a variety of activities, game modes, and more.

On March 19, 2022, the Indian festival of colors will be celebrated, with the biggest events taking place in the battle royale game on the same day. Today, March 9, 2022, Garena released the event calendar so that gamers may prepare for the next events.

Free Fire New Holi Event Calendar Prizes
Free Fire New Holi Event Calendar Prize 2022

Free Fire New Holi Event Calendar Prizes 2022

On March 9th, Free Fire Max Holi 2022 will go live with “several special and themed goods.” Event games such as ‘Gather Balloons’ and ‘Make A Splash’ have already been announced, as well as the possibility of winning a Holi Swagger Jeep Skin, Switching Steps Emote, and other prizes.

Similarly, it is hoped that the developers would begin to include information related to the Holi celebrations, particularly as the festival approaches its end. They’ve included teasers in the game, and certain miners have already begun to leak details about the Holi-themed rewards and activities. the given below are the Holi events with their respective launch date.

March 12, 2022 Strike Out Mode
March 9, 2022 Gather Balloons, Make A Splash
March 9, 2022  Legendary & Theme Gun Trial
March 14, 2022 Costume Trial
March 14, 2022 Snakes & Ladder
March 14, 2022 Dodge The Balloon
March 12, 2022 Weekend Mission
March 14, 2022 Aftermatch Drop
March 19, 2022 Login Reward
March 19, 2022 Holi Extra Rewards
March 14, 2022  Daily Boost
March 14, 2022 Character Trial
March 12, 2022 Play New Strike Out Mod

However, listed above events will be free events, so everyone can participate and collect free rewards. Along with this, players can expect paid events, in which players will require to spend diamonds to draw or spin in the events. These events will offer Holi-htemed rewards including bundle outfits, vehicle skins, pet skins, etc.

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