How To Get Free M1887 Skin In Free Fire Gold Draw Event 2022?

Free Fire Gold Draw Event
Free Fire Gold Draw Event

Today is the final day of the Free Fire Squad Beatz event, and the designers have included even more activities for players, including the Gold Draw. As a result of the novel occurrence, they may be able to obtain unusual gun skin trials.

Unlike previous sub-events, the Gold Draw does not require participants to complete a series of missions. Gold must be used instead of diamonds to obtain free prizes. A new grand prize will be added during the first five days of the event.

Free Fire Gold Draw Event 2022

Beginning February 12th, Free Fire players will be able to enter the Gold Draw, and they will be able to spend gold to get gifts through February 20th. The price of spinning a wheel starts at 500 gold and eventually escalates to 1500 gold.

Users will be able to make 10+1 spins once the cost has been increased to the required amount, which will cost them 15000 gold. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s currently available in the prize pool:

  • M60 – Spirited Overseers
  • M1887 – Aqua Burst 
  • Thompson – Thrash Metallic
  • XM8 – Abyssal
  • G18 – Ice Bones 
  • M500 – Fire Bones
  • M1873 – Ice Bones
  • USP – Fire Bones 
  • MAG-7 – Hurricane Delivery 
  • M82B – Hurricane Delivery 
  • AN94 – Hurricane Delivery 
  • VSS – Hurricane Delivery
  • Woodpecker – Superstar 
  • M249 – Superstar 
  • SPASS 12 – Superstar 
  • Vector – Superstar 
  • Desert Eagle – Cosmic Bounty 
  • G18 – Cosmic Bounty Hunter 
  • Parafal AR – Cosmic Bounty Hunter 
  • Woodpecker – Cosmic Bounty Hunter 

Steps To Complete The Gold Draw Event 2022:

Step-1: To access the Squad Beatz event page, click the symbol in the top right corner.
Step-2: They can then tap the Gold Draw area to see the one-of-a-kind online event user interface.

Step-3: They can then spin as many times as they want using gold to get the gun skins.

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