Free Fire Glitched Ascension event: How to get the Neon Red Criminal bundle?

 Glitched Ascension event Neon Red Criminal bundle
Glitched Ascension event Neon Red Criminal bundle

Free Fire’s New event is out from Garena, Free Fire Glitch Ascension Event with plenty of rewards is beginning from August 13th,2022. Out of several rewards from the Free Fire glitched ascension event, everyone’s been waiting to get the Neon Red Criminal Bundle. Here let’s see how to get the Neon Criminal Bundle, which is also one of the top most criminal variants ever from the Garena ff max game.

Free Fire Glitched Ascension event will offering Top and Neon Red Criminal bundle as its grand prize

Free Fire Glitched Ascension event is all set to commemorate the game’s successful 5th-anniversary event from the 13th of August. This event has one of the game’s top criminal variant bundles, whose name is also revealed, “The New Neon Criminal Bundle” is the next major criminal bundle from the Garena Free Fire game. It features two grand prizes- Top red criminal and Neon Top red criminal.

The criminal bundle is also said to be possessing some special effects and features during this Garena Free Fire event. Although the price for this free fire red criminal bundle is obscure, expect it to be available as tokens during the glitched ascension event of Garena Free Fire Max. For the tokens, you must spend your diamonds during the event as the lucky spin draw wheel requires diamonds from free fire.

How to get Neon Criminal Bundle – What’s the price?

Garena is yet to update about the pricing of this neon criminal bundle which gets featured in the glitch ascension 2022 event of the free fire max game. However, looking at the prior Ascension event, the expected price would be around 1.5k to 2.5k minimum.

So for now we’re unsure about the official price cost of the neon red criminal bundle, which is all set to be a storm soon in Garena Free Fire Max with its extraordinary features and effects during this glitched ascension event 2022.

Once Garena announces more updates regarding the criminal bundle list, the official price or diamonds for the same can be known officially very soon.

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