Free Fire Flip Fun event: How to get free gun crate and Luck Royale vouchers?

Free Fire Flip fun eventAre you confused about the Free Fire Flip Fun event? So, this post will provide you with complete details on it.

Free Fire gun skins are crucial because they give gamers an edge over rivals by adding features to the gun that enhance its functionality as well as appearance. Moreover, developers frequently provide gun crates as incentives in the event for non-spending players. Even though these could be trial cards, they open these boxes to get free weapon skins.

Flip Fun is a brand-new event that Free Fire has added. It provides a variety of vouchers and gun crates that let users purchase the P90 gun crates. For a detailed description of the occasion and instructions on how to obtain the awards, read on.

Free Fire Flip Fun event details and rewards

On July 13, 2022, the Flip Fun event in Free Fire began. It offers several exciting free rewards including a gun crate. The basic idea behind the competition is that players have until August 1, 2022, to accomplish objectives, earn unique tokens, and flip picture components. Players will then be rewarded every time they flip square, with the greatest prize set after completing 18 flips. Here is the list of daily tasks as of today are:

  • Play ranked BR mode to receive 2x tokens
  • Get Booyah once to receive 2x tokens
  • Defeat 12 enemies to receive 3x tokens
  • Log in daily to receive 1x token

These missions refresh at 04:00 AM every day, and interested users must complete them daily to collect the rewards quickly.

How to get free gun crate and Luck Royale vouchers in the Flip fun event?

After completing the assigned tasks, users should select the go-to button located under the appropriate section in the Battle in Style page to reach the Flip Fun event interface. After logging in, click the button next to the tasks in the Daily Tasks area to collect the tokens. Then, they must select the area of the image that has to be turned. The prizes can be claimed once players have flipped enough pieces.

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