New Free Fire Flash Pet Top-Up Event: Get Four Flash pet rewards

Free Fire Flash Pet Top-Up Event
Free Fire Flash Pet Top-Up Event

Free Fire Flash Pet Top-Up Event: Top-up events have become an important part of the Free Fire MAX over time, with at least one of them being presented on a regular basis. These are supplied to encourage users to get premium in-game cash by rewarding them with free in-game gifts when they meet the set top-up requirements.

The majority of the most recent pets were given away for free as part of top-up events. Yesterday, Feb 15, 2022, the creators released the new ‘Flash Top Up,’ which includes a Flash pet and pet skins.

New Free Fire Flash Pet Top-Up Event

Gamers must first buy diamonds in order to obtain all of the pets and emotes. As a result, for 100 diamonds, gamers will be able to obtain the Flash Pet. They’ll also get the Cyber Flash if they add 300 diamonds to their account. Later, players can acquire the Show Off emote and Festive Flash by purchasing 500 diamonds.

Following the techniques mentioned below, players can purchase sufficient Free Fire diamonds for the Flash Top Up in the game:

Step-1: Open your Free Fire max account and log in to your game lobby

Step 2: Select the “+” icon next to a diamond icon to open the diamond purchasing window. Because the conditions are cumulative, you must purchase the required quantity of diamonds.

Step 3: In the home lobby’s right corner, select the calendar icon. In the event section, select the flash top-up event interface. Make the most of the chances you’ve been given.

Flash Pet Ability

With this top-up event, the most recent turtle highlighted flash gets inserted into the game. It has a unique ability known as “steel shell.” Bullets and knives fired from behind can be reduced by 10% with flash. However, there is 100-point durability that lasts 150 seconds. Flash, on the other hand, can be upgraded to its ultimate form, which reduces damage by 25% up to 150 durability points. The cooldown will be reduced to 90 seconds at this point.

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