Free Fire Top 4 Famous Emotes As Of 2022 That Every Player Want To Get

Top 4 Famous Free Fire Emotes Of 2022
Top 4 Famous Free Fire Emotes Of 2022

Top 4 Famous Free Fire Emotes Of 2022: Garena’s BR shooter Free Fire MAX is becoming increasingly popular thanks to a slew of in-game collectibles. The items come with a variety of customization choices that allow users to make more unique characters. Characters in Free Fire MAX can wear a variety of clothes and cosmetics, as well as use particular emotes.

The store emotes are more commonly used and lack a sense of exclusivity. The limited-time collectibles, on the other hand, are among the most sought-after objects in Free Fire MAX. Hundreds or even thousands of diamonds are paid by players to obtain special products for limited-time events in the game.

Top 4 Famous Free Fire Emotes Of 2022

Flowers of Love

The most famous emote amongst gamers is Flowers of Love. The in-game character squats on a knee and pulls out a flower when the emote switch is clicked. It is one of the most popular emotes in the game because of this loving gesture.


After the OB32 release, the Doggie emote is ranked third among the top five best emotes in Free Fire. Doggie is a game’s special emote. It’s a charming expression for congratulating yourself on a game win or a victory over another player.

Shiba will appear as a result of the emotion, and both the character and the pet will dance in opposite directions. Shiba will mimic the character’s dance steps throughout, making it both adorable and unique.

Creed Slay

Creed Slay was released earlier this month and was only available for a few days in the event section. ‘Assassin’s Creed Top Up’ featured it. After a 500-diamond top-up, players can acquire Creed Slay alongside Hunter’s Blade. Creed Slay is a limited-edition collectible from the Assassin’s Creed franchise that is likely to resurface any time soon.

Rock Paper Scissors

After the OB32 update, Rock Paper Scissors is one of the best emotes available. It’s a legendary reimagining with captivating movements. When the emote is used, the character performs an animated version of rock, paper, scissors.

In comparison to other emotes, the emote also has a long duration. This emote can be obtained during the emote party event, which will run through January 26th. Following the OB32 update, here is a list of the topmost famous emotes in Free Fire.

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