Free Fire Conquer Rampage Fort “Rampage Book”: How to complete the new Rampage event in Free Fire?

Free Fire Conquer Rampage Fort "Rampage Book"
Free Fire Conquer Rampage Fort “Rampage Book”

Free Fire Conquer Rampage Fort “Rampage Book”: Free Fire is recognized for introducing new events and incentives on a regular basis, rewarding players for their accomplishments in-game. The newest Rampage United mode provides a wide array of prizes that gamers may earn by participating in different events.  The Rampage United event series has indeed begun in Free Fire, and several events are now accessible.

The Rampage Fort event is perhaps the most special, with the Aqua Rouge package as the main prize. The best part is that gamers can get the set for free. Despite common belief, the Ramage Fort event is not difficult to complete, and the awards may be obtained with a little grinding. Gamers would need to acquire Rampage points to access the stages in the event.

What is the Rampage mode in Free Fire?

Starting on June 17, 2022, the Rampage Fort event is open till July 4. It is a free event with a rampage United theme that may be picked up. The Aqua Rouge bundle is the major draw, despite the fact that it includes numerous fascinating and excellent gifts. The outfit is a female dress with an aqua motif that has exceptional aesthetics. Players have to collect points in the game. The Rampage points may be earned by participating in the BR mode, Clash Squad, and Rampage Unite modes on a regular basis. The number of points awarded will be determined by the player’s development in these games. Until enough points have been accumulated, players can exchange the goodies depending on the level.

How to complete the new Rampage event in Free Fire?

In order to advance in this event, participants must accumulate rampage points. Completing the battle royale, clash squad, and rampage modes will accomplish this. Every occurrence along the voyage through Rampage Fort will have two possible outcomes, and your decision will influence them. People who enter this area will get a randomized benefit that, whenever used in every game, will increase the rampage points.

How to get the Aqua Rouge bundle in Free Fire Rampage Fort event?

  • Step-1: Access Free Fire MAX and play in any Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or Rampage Unite mode for getting Rampage Points.
  • Step-2: Now open the Rampage United event interface and access the Rampage Fort option from the bottom right corner. Click on the ‘explore’ button for exploring the areas and getting exclusive items.
  • Step-3: After exploring all the areas proceed further floors and collect the corresponding prizes. Reaching the tenth floor will unlock the very premium Aqua Rouge bundle.

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