How To Get Gloo Wall Skin And Loot Box In Free Fire BTS Top Up Event 2?

Free Fire BTS Top Up Event 2
Free Fire BTS Top Up Event 2

Free Fire BTS Top Up Event 2: Several new thematic products based on the popular K-pop pop group have been added to the game as a result of the Free Fire x BTS cooperation. BTS Top Up II, which has been introduced following the end of the first cycle, is among the most recent enhancements.

It includes a legendary loot box skin as well as a gloo wall skin. Essentially, they must acquire a certain number of diamonds in order to earn the game’s defined benefits. This article will help you out with the complete event details of the Free Fire BTS Top up event.

Free Fire BTS Top Up Event 2

BTS Top Up 2 began on April 2 and will end on April 7. To obtain the two aforementioned rewards, the approaches adopted by the players all throughout the period of the event:

  • True Charm Loot Box: Add 100 diamonds to your game account.
  • Deceptive Gloo Wall Fearless: Add 500 diamonds to your game account.

Both skins are quite attractive and will be hard to come by, as collaboration-based products do not frequently recur. Users that are interested in receiving the things for free can purchase the specified number of diamonds.

Steps To Get The True Charm Loot Box And Gloo wall skin

Step-1: Firstly, launch Free Fire and go to the in-game top up center.

Step-2: Users can then choose the number of diamonds they would like to buy. To complete the event, players must accomplish  520 diamonds top up (Costing INR 400).
Step-3: Once the payment is received, the developers will add the in-game currency to their accounts.

The rewards must then be claimed manually through the ‘BTS Top Up II’ event. The gloo wall and loot box could then be fitted by accessing the game’s ‘Vault’ section. Players can also top up 100 diamonds to get the loot box.

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