How To Get Free Rewards In Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event?

Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event
Free Fire Booyah Sign-Up Event

Booyah is a popular source of gaming material, where they can discover short films, live streaming, etc. There are also a number of events where gamers can obtain a variety of free things. Because this app is developed by Garena, Free Fire continues to offer giveaway events to the Booyah app and they recently added the Booyah sign-up event.

The Garena Free Fire has launched a signup event for its followers in which the players can win exciting rewards including gun crates and Jerseys. So, in this article, you will learn complete details about this all-new event.

Free Fire Booyah Sign Up Event 2022

Free Fire has recently created a new booyah sign-up event with the title. Users must see any live stream for a total of 60 minutes in order to become eligible for the prizes. The rewards pool includes  Jersey, pet skin, GW 2018 Jersey, and Pumpkin Flame Weapon crate.

The event began on 1 February and will end on 28 February. Gamers will be able to win a variety of awards and things through the sign-in event, which requires them to set up an account in Booyah and watch a live stream for 60 minutes in order to win the thrilling prizes.

Steps To Get Free Rewards

Step-1: Go to the in-game lobby and select the calendar option. Hover over the news area to see what’s new.

Step-2: Select the Go To option, which will take you to the Booyah application.

Step -3: Log in or create an account using any of the offered choices, and watch the live stream for 60 minutes.

To earn the benefits, gamers should make sure their Free Fire account is linked to their Booyah account. Players can link their Free Fire account in their profile section in the Booyah app by simply adding their UID.

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