Free Fire Booyah Day patch notes: Here’s everything new coming with OB 36 update

Free Fire OB 36 Booyah Day update patch notes
Free Fire OB 36 Booyah Day update patch notes l Image via: Garena

Free Fire servers are down today, and players are wondering if the game or their account is banned. Players should not worry coz the game is under maintenance and it will be live soon. The game releases an OB update after approximately two months, and the Free Fire OB 36 update will bring a new character Tatsuya, adjustments to character, new weapons, and a lot more. Here are the complete Free Fire Booyah Day patch notes.

Free Fire OB 36 Booyah Day update patch notes: New character and weapon will change the game meta again

New ob 36 character Tatsuya

Tatsuya character backstory

In his early years, Tatsuya was a quiet and kind youngster. Tatsuya and his surviving family endured unending hatred and discrimination following the murder of his father and the revelation that he was a traitor to the city. He started skipping school, hanging around with gangs, and bullying other teens who dared to criticize his family. Tatsuya is accustomed to all types of brawling from living in the hectic city of Giza, and he has been employing his agite speed for both offense and defense. Tatsuya is always prepared, whether it’s to ambush his opponents or to quickly find cover to run.”

Tatsuya’s character active ability “Rebel Rush”

Sprints forward for 8.2/8.2/8.2/83/8.3/8.3s at a high rate of speed. Time to refill the dash: 175/160/150/140/130/120s. There is a 5-second cooldown in between each use of this ability, which may be used max up to 2 times.

Character changes in the Free Fire OB 36 update

Changes to Dimitri

Dimitri was added to the game to improve teammates’ survival skills while taking part in intense battles. The squad now receives more health restoration from the character.

New Healing Heartbeat ability

The ability now creates a healing zone with a 3.5 m radius. User and allies regain 3HP/s and 5 HP/s within. Teammates have the ability to self-heal when knocked down. 18/11/12/13/14/15 seconds long. 85/80/75/70/65/68 Sec Cooldown.

Changes to D-Bee

The movement speed and accuracy have been increased.

As everyone is probably aware, moving while firing results in poor accuracy, and Bullet Beats’ accuracy increase is insufficient to aid you in winning the conflict. Therefore, with this patch, we increased Bullet Beats’ accuracy and movement speed so that D-Bee could still kill with style.

New Bullets Beats ability

Movement speed rises by 18/12/14/16/18/26-28/22/24/26/28/30% while firing while moving. a 28/23/27/32/38/45-35/38/42/47/53/60% improvement in accuracy

Changes to Nairi

There are several ways to cur-attack Gloo now, according to Skyler, Iris, and the new throwable, Gloo Mar. Nairi will not permit his ice floe to be easily destroyed, of course.

New Ice Iron ability

Gloo Walls have a durability of 28/22/24/26/28/30% and a 38/31/32/33/34/35% boost in damage when attacked with APs after being deployed.

Miguel Overpowered

EP acquired when knocked down is increased.

Greater risk equals greater reward. As you are all aware, in the last patch, we changed Miguel’s talent. However, we found that the skill’s comparative advantage is still insufficient for repeated fighting. In order to balance things out, we raised the skill user’s EP bonus in this patch.

New Crazy Slayer ability

For every knockdown, you’ll gain 30/40/50/60/70/80-160/120/140/160/180/280 EP.

Laura optimized

She now has higher precision.

“Raise your hand if you frequently find it difficult, even when scoped in, to aim at moving foes. With this patch, Laura will shoot more precisely, enabling you to target and strike your enemies with more precision.”

New strong Shooter ability

While scoped in, accuracy rises by 18/13/17/22/28/35%-25/28/32/37/43/50%.

Changes to Shirou

The range now has been increased. For your convenience, they increased Shirous’ man-marking range to 186 meters. Simply wait for Shirou to bring your Booyah at this time.

New Damage Deliver ability 

When an adversary hits the user between 88 and 168 meters away, the attacker is tagged for 6 seconds (marking only visible to the user) First shot on marked foes gets additional armor penetration of 50, 58, 67, 77, 80, and 88, with a cooldown of 25 seconds.

Clash Squad new season 21 brings the inclusion of a new map Nexterra

The Casual and Ranked modes of Clash Squad now support NeXTerra.

“Players are looking forward to additional gameplay opportunities in the new map now that NeXTerra in Battle Royale has been released. You may anticipate an intense Clash Squad combat in NeXT Susan thanks to the additional zones and original map interactions in NeXTerra.”

Map locations that is added to the Clash Squad mode are as follows:

  • Intellect Center
  • Mud Site
  • Deca Square
  • Museum
  • Grav Labs
  • Rust Town
  • Farmtopia

Weapons with special attachments added to the CS mode

In Clash Squad, upgraded weaponry are now accessible.

Garena has now added upgradeable weaponry to this 4v4 mode in Clash Squad to add fresh excitement. Now that you have additional options, you may either buy a secondary weapon or spend all of your CS Coins to upgrade to an ultimate weapon in the final few rounds.

Upgradable weapons are now available in the CS Store, and they may be upgraded for CS Coins. accessible weapons:






New OB 36 weapons in Free Fire


Battle Royale mode now has a treatment weapon accessible. The Treatment Laser Gun was created in addition to the Treatment Sniper and Treatment Pistol to rapidly and efficiently repair teammates at medium range. This gun has 18 degrees of heat per firing, Fire rate: 6.12. and 28 metre of range.

Glo0 Melter: A New Throwable- The Gloo Wall destroyer

Gloo Walls may be such obstacles in the way of your success. We are thrilled to present the Gloo Meter in this patch.

How does the Gloo melter works?

The grenade will form a circular area at the target position once it explodes, and within it the Gise Walls will sustain 158 damage for 12 seconds. Gloo Walls within the range will additionally sustain double damage from weapon attacks while the throwable is in effect. It also has 28 m of range.


Aprt from this there are also some weapon adjustments, bug fixes, and much more to explore. Players will have to wait until the update goes live to experience the new features.

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