Free Fire Advance server activation code OB35: How to get access to FF Advance server?

Free Fire Advance server activation code OB35
Free Fire Advance server activation code OB35

The advance server is much anticipated by the players since it allows gamers to try out the upcoming features exclusively. However, the players who missed the chance to register for the Free Fire advance server want to get an activation code for the OB35 server. In this post, you will help with the steps to generate an activation code and a few of the unused codes.

Gamers will be able to test out all of the game’s upcoming features when the Free Fire Advance Server launches. Additionally, it enables the creators to address any discovered problems and errors, leading to a better-finished result.

When will the Free Fire advance server OB35 close?

The Free Fire Advance Server OB35 started on 7 July. Players will have approximately a week and the server will close on July 14, 2022, to test out the future features of the next upgrade. People could also get diamonds for identifying problems and bugs. Gamers won’t be able to retrieve their data or achievements once this time period is up since they will be deleted.

How to generate an activation code for the FF Advance server?

To enter the Advance Server, you need the Activation Code. After installing the game, users must enter this one-time code before entering the game.  In essence, following registration, companies only give this code to a select group of users. The following are the activation code generating steps:

  • Log in to the Garena FF or Max redemption official website using Facebook or Gmail. Click on the link here.
  •  You may now access the FF Advance server website. The “Login Using FACEBOOK” option is also visible.
  • It is required that players log in using any “Indonesia server” (preferred).  The Indonesia server would be the first to receive the updates and the players’ count is also less. Gamers may get it from any VPN via Google Play or Play Store.
  • The players must input the details as described above after logging in.
  • Any identity, a working email address, and a cellphone number may be entered, and there you go.

After registering successfully, if you stand lucky the activation code will display on your screen. You can copy and paste the code while launching the game for the first time.


Free Fire Advance server activation code for OB35 update

The activation codes are only provided by Garena official website and they accept only a limited number of registrations. So, it becomes harder for the gamers to get it on time. However, we have three unused activation codes which can be used to access the Free Fire advance server OB35. They are as follows:


Players have to first download the “Free Fire Advance apk” from the official website. While launching the game it will ask to enter the code. Copy and paste the codes as soon as possible, since it will close in a few days.

[Note: One code can only be used a single time]

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