How To Get Free BTS Crystal To Claim Exclusive BTS Bundles In Free Fire Max?

Free BTS Crystal
Free BTS Crystal

Free BTS Crystal: Free Fire recently partnered with the widely successful K-pop band Bangtan Boys, often commonly known as BTS. As a corollary, a plethora of exceptional and one-of-a-kind compositions has been incorporated into the game through events and other activities.

In addition, several cosmetics based on the collaboration have been introduced, with the seven outfit bundles centered on each members of BTS being among the key attractions. Several individuals have been asking for free ways to obtain them, and this tutorial will help them.

Exclusive BTS Bundles In Free Fire Max and Free BTS crystal

The BTS Bundle Up event allows players to obtain customized bundles based on popular artists. Players would basically have to use the BTS Crystal tokens to spin the wheel and choose one of the 7 possible bundle outfits.

Players on the Indian server cannot obtain the outfit directly and must use a unique BTS Crystal to make a spin within the specific event UI. As noted below, the developers have provided a full schedule of events during which these rare crystals may be available.

However there are many ways to obtain the free BTS Crystal, just one of them is free, and that is via dealing 100x Neon Sticks in the ‘Exchange Part 2.’

How To Get The Free BTS Crystal?

After collecting the required number of Neon Sticks, players can proceed as follows to acquire the BTS Crystal and receive a BTS-themed costume:

Step-1: Launch Free Fire and navigate to the ‘Gen FF’ area.

Step-2: Users should then select the ‘Exchange Part 2’ section and obtain the ‘BTS Crystal.’

Step-3: Gamers must then navigate to ‘Get BTS Outfits’ in the same area. Afterward, they can use the crystal they previously mentioned to spin the wheel and acquire one package. The bought package can then be acquired from the ‘Vault’ section of Free Fire.

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