Do You Have These Fortnite Top 5 Funny Skins As Of 2022?

5 Funny Skins As Of 2022
5 Funny Skins As Of 2022

Fortnite 5 Funny Skins As Of 2022: Cosmetics are one of the most well-known aspects of Fortnite. Players have a limitless number of outfits to select from, combining developer skins and public designs, thanks to the countless skins that have been released over the years. Not all skins, although, are meant to be unusual, frightening, or sweaty. Some are merely intended to be amusing and provide comic relief even during games.

Fortnite Top 5 Funny Skins As Of 2022

Sgt. Green Clover

Sgt. Green Clover can’t be taken seriously, even if she has the ‘luck of the Irish’ on her side. Her all-green costume, which she debuted in Chapter 1 Season 3, sticks out from the crowd and makes for a hilarious sight. While the clothing can help her hide in the fight, it isn’t particularly tactical and offers little benefit. When it is featured in the item shop, players can buy this skin for 800 V-Bucks. It is among the top 5 Funny Skins As Of 2022.


Bendie was introduced in Chapter 1 Season 8 and is based on the inflatable tube guy. Given how the real bloated tube guy flails around in the wind, seeing the skin in-game is nothing short of hilarious. The skin may be purchased in the item shop for 1,200 V-Bucks. The main flaw with this skin is that it lacks flying arms, which it does not have in real life.

Felicity Fish

Despite the fact that Fishstick is a fairly popular skin in the game, Princess Felicity Fish didn’t nearly make the grade. It appears that not everyone admires monarchy. Despite the fact that it’s a Fishstick version, it knows how to make gamers chuckle with its Fishstick-style humor. The skin cost 1,200 V-Bucks to acquire and was introduced to the game in Chapter 2 Season 6.


Guff takes first place in both categories when it comes to being cute and hilarious. It’s entirely unclear what it really is, but the ensemble is amusing to stare at. The skin, which first appeared in Chapter 2 of Season 2, resembles a huge colored springy. When it is listed in the item shop, players can buy it for 1,200 V-Bucks. It is among the list of top 5 Funny Skins As Of 2022.

Diamond Hanz

Fortnite chose to immortalize the Wall Street Bets catastrophe by introducing Diamond Hanz to the game. This skin includes a suit, black bling with an upward arrow, and diamond fingers, as usual.


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