Fortnite New Outfit: How to Get Fortnite Stashd Outfit in Chapter 3?
Fortnite New Outfit: How to Get Fortnite Stashd Outfit in Chapter 3?

New Fortnite Stashd Outfit in Chapter 3 Season 1: The Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games which is available for cross-platform. Moreover, Fortnite is not just popular for its unique gameplay but also in-game cosmetics and events. In the ocean of unique cosmetics, a new in-game cosmetic is going to be added to the game.

Now a new outfit which is Stashd Outfit is obtainable in the game and below we get more about the outfit. As we know, there was a leak about Stashd but now he has come to obtain it in the game. Moreover, it is a single outfit without any other additional attachment or any other cosmetic. If you did not want to miss the opportunity to obtain this exclusive item in the game then keep reading the blog.

How to Get a New Fortnite Stashd Outfit? 

A new outfit is already live in the game which is now obtainable for all players. Well, today is the first day when the outfit is added to the game so do not need to hurry. It is an uncommon Fortnite outfit that is part of the Summer Smash Cup. Summer Smash Cup host cup was the host from Jan 22nd to Jan 23rd (only for two days with $10,000 prize money).

Furthermore, to obtain that skin players need the V-Bucks from the shop (which is quite common sense). But it was available for quite a short time and then it was removed from the game. Now, the time has come to make this unique outfit available and attainable for everyone.

There is a special tip for all Fortnite players is that if you want to get this skin then obtain it as soon as possible. The reason is quite simple the skin and other in-game cosmetics rate in a consistent manner. There is no guarantee for how much time it will be available for all players.

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