Fortnite Season 1 Of Chapter 3: Machine Guns Arrival 2022

Fornite Machine Guns Arrival 2022
Fornite Machine Guns Arrival 2022

Fornite Machine Guns Arrival 2022: Since the introduction of the Machine Pistol, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has been the best rendition of ‘Spray and Pray.’ Shotguns are now in the worst conceivable state, with little reason for players to use them. It seems that the DPS and fire rate of the Machine Pistol are both broken. Some loopers claim it’s even more potent than the Stinger SMG, which is already one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Fortnite Machine Guns Arrival 2022

There have been a number of recent adjustments to the Fortnite meta. The original Heavy Shotgun received substantial improvements, and gamers finally had a shotgun worth utilizing.

Many in the community referred to the Heavy Shotgun as a sniper since it appeared to be so powerful. Beyond any other shotgun, it could also cause damage at intermediate ranges. Meanwhile, the meta is once again favoring ‘Spray and Pray’ weaponry such as Machine Pistol. It has a base damage of 19 and a fire rate of 13.5.

Unsurprisingly, a pistol with close to 266 DPS, a 35-round magazine, and a reload time of fewer than 2 seconds is considered broken. This weapon can rip everything apart, from structures to opponents, in a matter of seconds.

The Machine Gun’s only flaw is that it is inaccurate. It is not recommended that players utilize this weapon indefinitely. Instead, they can spray in quick bursts to get the most out of the 35 bullets they have.

Machine Guns Over AR Or Shotguns

Naturally, the community’s reaction to ARs and SMGs supremacy in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has been mixed. While casual players are ecstatic about the shift away from shotguns, pros and content creators are concerned.

In comparison to shotguns, SMGs, and ARs deal huge amounts of damage. The Heavy Shotgun, despite being one of the most powerful shotguns ever, is no equal for such MK Seven, Stinger SMG, and now the Rimfire Rifle.

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