Will Geno, the Fortnite IO commander, be Revealed in the new season?

Geno Reveal In Fortnite New Season
Geno Reveal In Fortnite New Season

Geno Reveal In Fortnite New Season: Geno has been shrouded in mystery since his debut appearance in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. He’s been lurking in the shadows for a while now, but he’s already made a name for himself. Gamers have long speculated on who it could be, why he’s a serious threat, and if he’ll be unveiled.

There is really no mention of his function, but that might change soon. Chapter 3 Season 2 may provide players with some insight into who this enigmatic Geno is. This article will help you out with it.

Geno Reveal In Fortnite New Season

Many well-known characters have recently made their in-game appearance. The Foundation reappeared, revealing his Dwayne Johnson-Esque visage. Dr. Slone arrived first and announced her duty. There’s a lot of doubt about Geno, however, with the narrative for  Season 2 coming together, a reveal seems inevitable.

Other members of the Seven, as well as a few IO characters, have become increasingly important throughout the game. Slowly but steadily, the full plot is coming into perspective. The final few components are still missing, and Geno is one of the most important. Theoretically, Geno may be Origin, the Seven’s original member.

According to the argument, because Geno is so close to Genesis, which means “the origin or way of production of everything”, he could be Origin, which is identical with Genesis.

What is the probability that Geno Will Be Revealed In Season 2?

The new season is expected to contain a conflict between the IO and the Seven, therefore the IO’s leader (perhaps Geno) may arrive.
The theory goes on to imply that Geno (the man spotted with Slone in her office in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7) could be quite strong. He might also be able to use the Zero Point. However, players require to wait for the official reveal of Geno.

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