Fortnite 19.20 Update: Release Date and Time of Confirmed!
Fortnite 19.20 Update: Release Date and Time of Confirmed!

Fortnite 19.20 Update: One of the most popular cross-platform battle royale games Fortnite is going to release one more major update. Currently, the Fornite is running in its Chapter 3 Season 1 and soon going to start the next season. The next major update of the game is 19.20 and now we have the release date and time when the update will go live in the game.

Furthermore, a New Covert Canyon POI is going to live in the Fortnite game. In recent months, there have been many rumors and leaks about this update but finally, it is confirmed. The new update is going to come with many new in-game cosmetics, rewards, and modes in Fortnite. If you want to know more about the release date and time of the next major update of Fornite then keep reading this blog.

Fortnite 19.20 Update Release Date and Time

The date of the Fortnite update is 3rd February and it will happen at 1 am IST. The things which you should keep in your mind are while updating many things happen. First, players will not be able to log in or play the game. It is also known as the Maintenance Break in many games which include Fortnite.

The reason is quite simple because in the meantime developers update the server. Well, the Maintenance break time is different for every update. The minimum time for the break is 30 minutes but it can go up to hours. They will update you through their Twitter handle so you must follow them for updates. Moreover, you can also check our blog for more information about the update. This is all about the Fortnite upcoming update and changes in the game. You can read our other article which is similar to Fortnite (or Free Fire).

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