How To Get five-star Character In Genshin impact Using The Pity System?

Pity System Five-star Character
Pity System Five-star Character

Pity System Five-star Character:  The pity system in Genshin Impact may appear confusing at the initial appearance to a newcomer, but it’s actually rather straightforward when it comes to getting a 5-star character.

When it comes to the summoning system in Gacha games, luck is usually involved, and Genshin Impact is no exception. However, because of the pity system, this game contains a means to ensure that a player receives a 5-star character. This article will help you out with the complete details about the Pity system in Genshin Impact.

Five-star Character From Pity System In Genshin Impact

In simple terms, the pity system ensures that a gamer will receive a five-star character after a certain round of pulls (90 in this case). That promise comes courtesy of a concept known as Hard Pity. If a player hasn’t gotten a 5-star character by their 89th pull, they’ll almost certainly get one on their 90th.

If a player has a 5-star character, the pity will be reset. Soft Pity is a similar idea that effectively means that the chances of picking a 5-star character are boosted. This likelihood increases with each failed pull until it reaches 100%. (which is the Hard Pity).

Beginners must be warned that just hitting the Hard Pity will only give players a 50% chance of getting the marked five-star character. It’s sometimes referred to as 50/50 on the internet.

All character banners must follow the 50:50 guideline. It’s also worth noting that pity can be transmitted from one character banner to the next. Likewise, once a gamer obtains a 5-star character, it is always reset.

What Are Hard And Soft Pity In Pity System?

Soft-Pity: If you haven’t summoned a five-star character by the 74th pull, you have a better chance of getting one. Hard-Pity: By the 90th draw, the player is certain to acquire a five-star character.

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