Top 5 Famous BGMI Gun Skins In 2022 So Far

Top 5 Famous BGMI Gun Skins In 2022

Famous BGMI Gun Skins 2022: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) features ultra-high-definition graphics and fun in-game features. To take on your opponents in numerous maps and settings, you can choose from a variety of weaponry. The upgradable gun skins have created the greatest hype in the Indian gaming community among the various weapon skins available in the game. Players pay a fortune of UC to acquire them because of their rarity.

Top 5 Famous BGMI Gun Skins 2022

Glacier M416

The Glacier M416 was one of the first and most popular upgradable rifle skins in BGMI. Despite this, the skin fad has only risen in popularity over time. The Glacier M416 is the only rifle skin available for free. Players gain the On-Hit effect at level 5, which generates a blue hue glacial effect when a bullet hits an opposing player.

Rainbow Drake AWM

The Rainbow Drake AWM is the most recent upgradable gun skin to be added to the game’s Luck Spin portion. The skin has a mechanical appearance and could be upgraded to Level 7. It is the second skin in the list of Top 5 Famous BGMI Gun Skins In 2022.

Snowcapped Berg SKS

The Codebreaker AKM gun skin is one of the finest Assault Rifle skins available. The weapon may be upgraded until it reaches Level 7, and the Final Form has been made to look like the embroidery is etched into the gun.

 Precision M762

The Deadly Precision M762 skin is Beryl M762’s most recent and famous skin in the game. The upgradable pistol skin’s gold and vibrant colors radiate majesty. The glistening neon green liquid adds to the skin’s majesty. It is the fourth skin in the list of Top 5 Famous BGMI Gun Skins In 2022.

 Roaring Tiger AKM

The Roaring Tiger AKM is one of the famous and finest AKM skins of BGMI. It just has five upgrading levels and does not necessitate a large amount of paint or resources. A vast proportion of players in the game do not own skin, making it rare.


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