Epic Games- Fortnite Next Chapter 3 Season 2 Star War Theme 2022

Fortnite New Season 2 Star Wars Theme
Fortnite New Season Star Wars Theme

Fortnite New Season 2 Star Wars Theme: According to in-game latest leaks, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 will be based on the future conflict on the island. The Dreamed Order and The Seven will battle it out for control of the island.

Something more, according to a recent post by none other than Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer, Donald Mustard, may be afoot. He could be alluding at a Star Wars theme season 2, according to the data-miners.

Fortnite New Chapter 3 Season 2 Star Wars Theme

Donald Mustard is Epic Games’ go-to person for dropping hints about potential partnerships on social media. Over the seasons, he has teased and hinted a slew of agreements that have come true. In the same vein, the most recent clue shows a Lego piece from a Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport. This has enraged Fortnite theorists, and with good cause.

Considering that further Star Wars skins were recently introduced to the game and the Lightsaber files were modified, this hint is not unrelated. Two very different collaborations – Lego Star Wars and a Star Wars theme season – could be in the plans, based on the evidence provided as well as some assumption.

Also, it’s probable that The Mandalorian and The Boba Fett book may collaborate again. According to numerous fans and leakers, a Star Wars-themed season is in the works. This, on the other hand, is quite implausible. With the Imagine Order and The Seven’s narratives hinting towards the all-out battle, there will be no opportunity for a Star Wars theme season. It would be unexpected, out of place, and out of context.

However, this year’s Star Wars Day will be exciting, with files being updated, new skins being added, and Donald Mustard giving hints. At the very least, the game’s most well-known character, Dark Saber, may be included among the others.

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