How many dragons are currently in the game Clash Royale as of 2022?

Dragons in Clash Royale as of 2022
Dragons in Clash Royale as of 2022

In Clash Royale, there are a total of around 94 dragons now as of July 2022, and the dragons are otherwise known cards on Clash Royale. Every dragon on Clash Royale can be acquired by certain procedures like finishing challenges, reaching certain levels and a lot more. Baby dragon, skeleton dragon, and Inferno dragon are some of the prominent dragons on Clash Royale which belong to certain rarity in the form of Legendary, Epic and Common.

How many dragons are currently in the game Clash Royale in 2022?

These dragons on Clash Royale in return have a subset of dragons amongst their type, every dragon on Clash Royale is of the Troop Type.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon has always been the favourite card amongst all the Clash Royale players. The speciality about the baby dragons is that they may bash your enemies regardless of ground or on-air. Once you unlock the Arena 2 on Clash Royale, the baby dragons are all yours.

The green-coloured baby dragon on Clash Royale looks charming and cute. So, it has been the favourite of every Clash Royale user and fan.

Types of dragon

Similarly, the skeleton dragon is not of a single type, the skeleton dragon in Clash Royale has 14 other dragons. It includes dragons like Bomb Tower, Bomber, Tombstone, Skeleton Barrel, Witch, Wall Breakers, Guards, Balloon, Skeletons and a lot more.

Inferno Dragon

The legendary troop inferno dragon is of the jungle arena.  They can be unlocked on the chest area of Clash Royale. The special features and skillsets of the Inferno Dragon on Clash Royale is that they are the fastest troop card dragons of the game with a lightning attacking speed of 0.4 seconds.

So, overall there are a total of around 94 cards or Dragons in Clash Royale in 2022. Players can try to use out every dragon and make use of the dragon’s resources in the game of Clash Royale.

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