Cypher Removed From Valorant Episode 4 Act 2?

Cypher Removed From Valorant
Cypher Removed From Valorant

Cypher Removed From Valorant: Due to problems that were greatly hindering how the Agents were being played in matches, Riot had to remove two of its Agents, Yoru and Astra, from Valorant’s competitive queueing. Despite the fact that both of them returned online after a few hours with repairs, Riot has now announced that Cypher will be removed from the active roster until a problem is resolved.

When a patch with a substantial impact is released, game-breaking bugs are a typical occurrence. During the Bind buy phase, players will recall Omen’s ability to teleport beyond the boundaries. Cypher’s trap at Bind is having a similar terrible impact, and Riot was right to remove him.

Cypher Removed From Valorant Episode 4 Act 2

The problem is causing games to crash, which is a huge source of concern for Riot. The devs corrected an issue where adversaries were not triggering Cypher’s trap wires in some situations in the newly released version 4.04. Players are asking if this has something to do with it.

A Cypher trap wire near the Hookah door on Site B in Bind is producing a file bug in which the game crashes and everyone gets thrown out of the match, according to reports. The game pauses before displaying players the loading screen after an enemy Agent triggers the wire.

Yoru and Astra had previously been banned from competitive queueing owing to game problems that were harming everyone’s enjoyment. Yoru’s now-revised Dimensional Drift ability did not always work as intended, and players were able to sell Astra’s stars at the start of a match to acquire more expensive weaponry and put the enemy at a deficit.

Riot quickly pulled both Agents from competitive queueing and proceeded to repair them. Before Cypher was momentarily disabled, both were reinstated to their original spots among the Valorant Roster some hours later. Players will be ecstatic to see their intel gathering Agent return to the game.

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