What Are The Two Ways To Create Wizard Tower in Minecraft?

Ways To Create Wizard Tower in Minecraft
Ways To Create Wizard Tower in Minecraft

Ways To Create Wizard Tower in Minecraft: The Minecraft place is considered for demonstrating their love for the game by creating spectacular structures and bringing them to life in the game. Players create a tonne of amazingly intricate creations on a regular basis, ranging from pop culture references like the city of Novigrad from the Witcher series to huge custom-made kingdoms to structures symbolizing fantasy and sorcery.

Wizard Towers are exactly what you’d expect them to be. They are fantasy towers that serve as the metaphorical home of a witch or wizard. Minecraft gamers have taken a love to this amazing construction over the previous few years. In this post, we use two instances from different players to demonstrate how to construct the framework.

Ways To Create Wizard Tower in Minecraft

Prismarine Wizard Tower

The main tower’s upper half, as well as the smaller mini-towers, are drenched in cyan. The tower’s foundation is based out of stripped warped timber and a twisted trapdoor.

The prismarine blocks and staircases are then used to build the roof, with the blocks progressively making their way to the peak of the tower. Texturing with cyan wool or concrete is also an option.

The flanking towers are erected next, one to the right and one to the left of the main tower, and both are built in the same manner as the central tower. Each tower’s top is detailed with warped railings, and the interior can be tailored to the player’s preferences.

Simple Wizard Tower

The basic building, which is estimated to be 22 blocks tall, is the first step. The bulk of the blocks in this section are stone bricks, with oak logs creeping in from the side of the tower.

The second step features a door shaped like a little cottage that goes inside the tower. Polished deepslate is used for the flooring. The entry is covered by an arch, which has its own roof constructed of dark wood boards and stairs.

The 3rd and 4th steps, respectively, deal with the bottom and top supporting structures of the skyscraper. The builder recommends that the detailing at the bottom of the tower be done with bricks from the biome the building is in. The interior is constructed on a paved way at the top.

The 5th and 6th steps concentrate on the tower’s final design and construction. BigTony begins with the building’s walls, which are constructed from oak boards and timber. On all 4 corners of the tower, identical wood slats with lanterns are constructed. The roof of the structure, which is built of dark oak boards, steps, and wood, is the final step.

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