How To Create The New Riptide enchantment in Minecraft 2022

Ways To Create Riptide Enchantment
Ways To Create Riptide Enchantment

Ways To Create Riptide Enchantment: In Minecraft, riptide enchantment is a unique type of powerup. It essentially allows players to travel underwater or in the rain at a considerably faster rate. It’s a one-of-a-kind enchantment that only works on the game’s rarest weapons. Newbies who are trying out this powerup for the first time may encounter some difficulties because it must be used in a specific method.

Because it can only be used on tridents, this is a unique enchantment. Players are unable to produce these uncommon weapons in any way. They’re mostly gotten from submerged zombies, who only have a small chance of dropping one when they die. Once the weapon is obtained, players can add a variety of unique enchantments to it, along with riptide.

Way To Get The Trident In Minecraft

To use the powerup, gamers will first require a rare trident in the game. Tridents can be acquired from drowning zombies who are wielding weapons in Java Edition. Any drowning zombie in Bedrock Edition can drop the weapon when they die. If a gamer’s trident is thrown to the ground, it can be taken by another player. The only way to obtain the rare weapon is through these methods.

How To Create The New Riptide enchantment?

After gamers obtain the trident, they can use an enchanting table or an enchanting book to apply the powerup to it. Players can obtain the powerup by placing the trident on the enchanting table. It’s fairly widespread, and players will have no trouble finding it. Librarians or chest loot can be used to acquire enchanted books. This powerup has three tiers, each of which increases the area reached when the player utilizes the trident.

How To Utilize The Riptide enchantment?

Gamers could use this to swim underneath instead of swimming normally, as well as kill any enemy that gets in their way. This powerup comes into its own when employed in the rain. Players can launch themselves into the air by aiming the trident upwards. They can simply fly around for as long as they are in touch with rain if they start to handle their flight time and direction of the trident.

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